Seting Koneksi Mysql Workbench ke Mysql sever Via SSH yang menggunakan Private Key

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Once we have your SSH key on our server, configure MySQL Workbench to connect. First, open MySQL Workbench and click the + icon next to MySQL Connections.
You will see a screen similar to this appear:
For Connection Method, select Standard TCP/IP over SSH
Set the name to whatever you want, preferably an easily recognizable label.
Under the Parameters Tab, enter the following information:
SSH Hostname: Your server IP address or URL
SSH Username: {your SSH username}
SSH Password: leave blank/click “Clear” to be safe
SSH Keyfile: ~/.ssh/id_rsa (or if using Windows the keyfile generated by PuTTy)
MySQL Hostname:
MySQL Port: 3306
Username: (We will provide this – your database username)
Password: (We will provide this – your database password)
Click the Advanced tab and make sure Use the old authentication protocol is checked.
Press Test Connection to see if it works. You should see a similar message:
If so, click OK and then double-click the entry to connect.

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